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The Food Studio – cooking school in Florence, offering skills in traditional Tuscan Culinary Arts with a modern twist. The project is driven by a dedicated collaboration between the world renown Florentine D.O.C. Chef Benedetta Vitali and two young Florentine aficionados dedicated to preserving their Tuscan heritage: Paolo Dellafiore and Giorgio Pinto. Benedetta is internationally recognized as one of Florence’s most successful chefs having started iconic restaurants such as Cibreo and Zibibbo. She has also published various successful cook books including the James Beard awarded Sofritto. Benedetta has now dedicated herself to passing the torch and “sharing the wealth” offering you the opportunity to inherit a piece of the vast Tuscan culinary patrimony in our exclusive location.

Our focus is on transmitting Italian cooking skills and secrets but at the same time on health, nutrition and wellbeing – all innate elements of the traditional Italian diet. All cultures can be observed, learned and maintained through its food, wine and eno-gastronomic social practices. We aim to highlight and champion the true nature of the Mediterranean diet to make a deep impression and improve the quality of life of everyone who passes through our doors.

We take food and cooking very seriously but this doesn’t mean that our courses are bookish; on the contrary, they are fun, challenging and hands on; offering participants of all levels not only to learn recipes but to really soak up Tuscany’s food culture. Eat and drink to delight your senses but just a little of EVERYTHING will keep you healthy wealthy and wise!

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Reviews from TripAdvisor

Paolo and Giorgio are onto a winning combination here. It starts with a trip to the market and to a couple of local family run stores to get key ingredients.
It is then a short walk to the very cool cooking studio that the boys have set up at the bottom on Georgio mum and dads house.
My daughter and I had been in Italy for about a week in July. It was banging hot, and super crowded everywhere we went.
Going to a quieter area of Florence – it is just a short distance from the crazy crowds but feels miles away – and spending the morning in air conditioned comfort was a welcome relief for us.
We enjoyed making different shapes of pasta, chatting with Georgio and Paolo, making Tira mi su (yum) and more. The boys strike a nice balance between teaching, and then finishing off and plating so that you spend time enjoying and eating.
If you are considering a cooking school while in Florence, this is the one for you, you will not be disappointed.

Very glad we took this class. My teenage daughter and I thoroughly enjoyed learning, cooking and eating. We even now make home made pasta home back in Melbourne! The atmosphere was everything you could wish for–the music playing, the gorgeous venue itself, the wonderful kitchen. And our hosts were great. We met the boys first and walked to a few stores for ingredients. That was a nice way to start. Then to the kitchen to cook and eat. A wonderful experience. A wonderful thing share with Isabella.

I brought several groups to the Food Studio in May and June for several days of cooking with Giorgio, Maria and Pippo. We had a blast!! We made excellent food, brought home wonderful recipes, and have memories to last a lifetime. Thank you!!

We enjoyed this 1/2 day evening cooking class tremendously! It was an awesome way to learn authentic and delicious Tuscan cooking. The best part was that we enjoyed a delicious meal at the end. Paolo and Giorgio were pleasant hosts and they promptly emailed us the recipes of what we made. Giorgio even remembered that I asked about making gnocchi and he sent that recipe to me as well. All around wonderful experience!

I would highly recommend the Food Studio for anyone who is in Florence. My wife and I both love to cook and this was a great way to spend the day. We learned a lot about Italian cooking and enjoyed an amazing four-course meal.

This was a perfect way to learn the amazing culinary ways of Tuscan culture! I loved shopping for fresh ingredients and then getting to eat everything we cooked! Staff is extremely friendly and professional. If you love food and cooking, don’t miss this place!

Started our morning with Paolo shopping at the meat market where we learned about the different types of meat and meeting the owner. We then shopped for our cheese at an amazing shop. On to the cooking studio where Georgio the chef helped us prepare four course meal. We eat drank, laughed and had a great time. Stuffed to the brim. Highly recommend.

Our family, including two college age children, spent more than a week in florence dining out for lunch and dinner at both expensive restaurants and casual trattorias, yet our entire family agreed that our experience at The Food Studio surpassed them all!

We had such a warm welcome when we arrived to the studio, and it only got better the more we got involved in cooking our meal. Using all fresh ingredients, and receiving great tips along the way from Giorgio (the chef and our instructor), we cooked an incredible meal that shocked us all.

It is apparent that the Food Studio pays attention to every detail of the experience- from menu selection, where they ask about any dietary restrictions or food preferences to the fresh ingredients at our fingertips and the beautiful design aesthetic of their physical space.

Paolo and Giorgio are the the most amazing hosts and in addition to the cooking task and tips, we enjoyed our conversation. We’ve been home from Italy now for a week, and I want to replicate our experience at home, which I realize is aspirational, at best. Aside from not having access to the fresh ingredients of Italy, I will miss the tips, kitchen, and the company. Cooking alongside both Paolo and Giorgio was truly the highlight of our trip.

Food Studio provided a wonderful Christmas Eve cooking class and dinner for our family. From the moment we walked in the door we were greeted with amazing hospitality and culinary expertise. It was like being in your own home with a 5 star kitchen. As a family, we helped to cook an entire 4 course dinner guided by an incredibly knowledgable chef, Giorgio! We learned to make iconic Italian dishes and had the best Christmas Eve ever. Could not ask for a better experience!

All foodies have to deal with the same question, what food can’t I miss whilst in Italy!? The answer is none. This cooking school prepares all the classic dishes along with some fusion dishes if you so prefer so. Run by the famous Florentine D.O.C. Chef Benedetta Vitali, you can’t go wrong here! The two devotees, Paolo Dellafiore and Giorgio Pinto are amazing hosts and chefs, they have taught my partner and I how to make the finest pappardelle with rabbit ragu and taggiasche olives, chicken liver pate, duck breast with mini vegetables and mustard and orange sauce, and chestnut mousse! Recipes were emailed to us that very night! Would love to go back and try their ‘Food Lover’s Tour’ and walk around Florence city to learn more.

my wife and i spent the day (my birthday) with Georgio and Paulo. These guys are amazing. they took us food shopping at the local butcher and the local grocer, and also gave us a great tour of the local streets. Everyone in town seems to know them, and they hand pick every ingredient. The cooking class itself was not only fun, but educational, the best thing about georgio is that he teaches you the menu, but he also gives food knowlege in general. they had great wine and prossecu to pair with our meal. we highly recommend this place.

My family of 3 spent wonderful 4 hours at The Food Studio with Giorgio and Paolo in mid-August. We had a great time, we made excellent food and we loved eating it. Our setup was private and so the experience was very intimate. Giorgio had prepped a lot of the ingredients for our lunch ahead of time. This team is super organized. We traveled for 3 weeks in Italy and our experience here was a highlight of the trip. Lunch was chickpea fritters (ponelle – we made it), homemade pasta and ravioli stuffed with pear and pecorino (we made it) and pork medallions cooked in Vin Santo. Our dessert was wonderful and the wine pairings were superb. In addition, one of us is gluten-free and Giorgio managed some great GF menu items. I highly recommend The Food Studio of Florence. You will have a great experience.

Whether this is your first time in Florence, or one of the many, and you want to step into a classic Tuscan kitchen, this is the place to be. You can see, smell, touch, taste and, if you want, prepare traditional and contemporary Italian food in a setting that is familiar and warm yet sophisticated and elegant. Away from the formality of a restaurant dining room and into the excitement of a bustling gourmet kitchen. Try it: you will love it.

We spent a very funny and interesting experience at Florence Food Studio with Jennifer, Giorgio, Paolo and the wonderful Benedetta. The cooking lesson was very funny and we learnt lots of things about typical Italian food. The dinner with them and the other guests was delicious, the place and the kitchen are incredible with very nice furniture and pleasant atmosphere. We definitely want to do it again! Hugs,

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