How long does a lesson last?
Lessons last approximately 3 hours, then you will be able to dine with everything you have prepared.

When do lessons start?
Lessons start at 9:30am and finish with lunch, so you will be out by 2pm. Afternoon lessons start at 4:30pm and finish with dinner, so you will be free around 9pm.

Is the lesson hands-on?
Yes! You will be preparing everything you eat with your own hands under the supervision of our fantastic Chefs!

What will we prepare?
You will prepare a 4 course menu. The dishes vary according to what is in season. We always offer traditional Florentine, Tuscan and Italian dishes.

Is wine included?
Yes! Prosecco and Chianti are always part of the lesson at Florence food studio – cooking classes in Florence.

Will it be just us?
Our “A day in the kitchen” is a private lesson so yes! You will have our chef’s attention all for you! If you want to join with other participants ask for our “Open courses”.

Will we do the shopping?
You may add a fantastic shopping walk with our Chef to the “A day in the kitchen” private lesson upon request. Open lessons always include a reduced shopping walk before starting class. Keep in mind that shopping walks are not always available due to shop closing times.

What should I bring?
We suggest you bring a camera to take pictures and wear comfortable shoes, that’s it!

Where is the Florence food studio school?
Our fantastic cooking school is located minutes from Santo Spirito Square on the south side of the river. The location is ideal to combine your class with all the other major attractions of the city.

Do you organize vegetarian classes?
If you let us know in advance we will be happy to organize a vegetarian menù!

How do I book?
E-mail us at with your preferred dates, the number of participants and if you would like a private or open lesson and we will get back you with all the details!

Do you accept credit cards?
Yes we accept all major credit/debit cards apart from American Express.

What is the maximum number of participants?
For open course the maximum number of participants is 12. For private classes we recommend a maximum number of 10 but can customize the class to up to 35 participants upon reque



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