Pizza & Gelato

Roll up your sleeves and discover how to prepare the perfect pizza base. Then create two delicious gelato flavors using fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

You will receive a brief historical and theorical introduction and a very practical training on two of the most iconic italian dishes.

You will go out with both the knowledge to recognize real quality pizza and artisanal gelato from “fakes” and the skills to try and make it for your family at home.

Once you’ve finished, you’ll sit down to eat with your cooking companions and enjoy the fruits of your labor with a well-earned glass of Prosecco, wine or soft drink of your choice.

You must receive a written confirmation from the food studio to book the class. Maximum number of participants will be decided strictly following the current anti-COVID rules .

Our Pizza & Gelato class is held always held (until we reach the maximum number) on: Monday 4pm to 6:30pm and Wednesday from 4pm to 6:30pm. Feel free to contac us and ask for availability and possible customized solutions.

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