Terms and condition


1. In order to participate in the food studio s.r.l courses or other services offered by Food Studio s.r.l either on-site or off-site you need to make a reservation.

2. Reservations can be made by either:

  • Submitting the fully completed booking form through the FFS website;
  • Sending an email to info@florencefoodstudio.com;

The reservation is considered valid ​​only when the participant receives a booking confirmation via e-mail from the administration.

Registration is considered completed only when Food Studio s.r.l receives a 30% deposit on entire fee for said course, courses or services.

The 30% deposit is non-refundable under all circumstances, subject only to the exceptions referred to in paragraph 12. The balance payment of the course/service fee must be paid either at the time of booking or at least 30 days before the course/service beginning date, if not differently arranged by writing directly with Food Studio s.r.l.
In the case of non-payment of the full cost of the course or services reserved prior to the starting day of the same, Food Studio s.r.l reserves the right to deny the participant access to the course/service.


3. Participants signing this form certify that they are healthy and able to carry out the activity/ies offered to participants in courses and events organized by Florence Food Studio, claiming to have received all the necessary information about the specific risks, operating mode and procedures for evacuation.

4. Participants will comply with all general rules for good behavior during course/service amongst themselves, versus third parties and in respect to the use of facilities made available by Food Studio s.r.l, exempting Food Studio s.r.l from liability for any damage caused to their person, their belongings or to other people and their belongings.

Participants absolve Food Studio s.r.l and the individual staff from any liability for problems or issues arising from food allergies or intolerances either by ingestion or direct contact, and if a Participant has any intolerances they will clearly communicate these in writing at time of booking course/s or service/s. Following each lesson/course or service Food Studio s.r.l offers Participants the opportunity to consume what was prepared free of charge. Participants have the right to either accept or refuse the offer.

6. Participants are responsible for all of their personal belongings at all times in all locations the course or service is held.

Program Changes

7. Food Studio s.r.l reserves the right to postpone or cancel a date or a course or service in the event that the minimum number of participants (the number is at the discretion of Food Studio s.r.l) is not achieved or in the case the instructor becomes unexpectedly unavailable, offering notice to the participants in due time.

Food Studio s.r.l also reserves the right to change the curriculum or content of a course or service at any time.
In the case Food Studio s.r.l offers a new date for a pre-booked course or service and the new date proposed is incompatible with the Participant’s agenda, the Participant may request a full refund in writing within 10 (ten) days of the previous booking cancellation. Alternatively – or in the case the 10 day window passes, the Participant will have the right to request to participate in another course or service of equal value to be used at a later date mutually acceptable by the Participant and Food Studio s.r.l.

The Food Studio will not be liable for any damage or other personal or business consequences or complications arising from the variation of the program.

Mode of cancellation by the Participant and Refunds

11. Every Participant has the right to terminate their reservation under article 1373 of the Italian Civil Code, paragraph I.
The methods of withdrawal are as follows:

Written notice of cancellation sent to the Food Studio s.r.l via email to info@florencefoodstudio.com

12. In the event that the cost of the entire course was paid at time of reservation:
(i) cancellations made up to 30 working days prior to the start of the course or service will be refunded the entire fee if already paid, including the 30% deposit or admin fees.
(ii) cancellations made 30 working days prior to the start of the course or service are not entitled to any refund. Food Studio s.r.l may freely decide to refund the amount paid less the 30% deposit in case of demonstrated extraordinary events causing the cancellation.

Special Offers

Prepaid reservations for courses and or services booked at promotional, discounted or group discounted rates are 100% non-refundable nor would there be the possibility of make-up lessons in the case of cancellation. This 100% non-refundable/non-make-up policy also applies in the case of cancellations due to unforeseen circumstances, or force majeure. Withdrawals and replacements of Participants with another participant shall apply to an entire course or service reserved and not to individual lessons.

The request for a Participant substitution must be duly communicated in writing via email by the person or persons who made the original reservations and payment for said course /s or service/s at least 20 working days prior to the beginning of said course/s or service/s. Food Studio s.r.l reserves the right to not accept exchange / replace Participants.


14. Methods, timing and validity of any promotions or special offers are non-negotiable and at the absolute discretion of Food Studio s.r.l. Food Studio s.r.l offers can not be combined or overlap on the same reservation.

Special offers on courses and services are only valid for enrollment on the date/s specified in the specific offer.
Registration is considered final upon receipt of payment.

Cancellation policies for normally Reserved courses or services do not apply to Registration for one or more Promotional courses or services and therefore cannot in any way be postponed to a later date nor be reimbursed in the case the registered participant cannot attend the course or service reserved on a promotional basis.

Court of Jurisdiction

15. The Court of Florence, Italy will be the jurisdiction for any and all disputes regarding Food Studio s.r.l.


16. Food Studio s.r.l assumes no responsibility for damage of any kind suffered by the Participant during any of the activities organized by Food Studio s.r.l. Participants are required to have travel or personal insurance and make a declaration as such by accepting these terms and conditions.

Otherwise, the student will assume personal responsibility of not having insurance coverage.

Privacy Policy

The processing of personal data concerning he or she who will become part of the Food Studio s.r.l database will be done so in accordance and within the limits of the provisions of Italian legal decree 196/2003 regarding Privacy Policy. The data provided will be treated in the strictest confidence and any member may request his or her information to be deleted or modified at any time. Participants concede that information provided may be used to send advertising materials or for marketing purposes by Food Studio s.r.l and not be sold to third parties.

Acceptance of Terms and Conditions

Signing up for a any course or service offered by, Food Studio s.r.l automatically concedes that the Participant accepts and will abide by the rules set forth by Food Studio s.r.l

The Food Studio s.r.l Terms&conditions is available for viewing at all times on www.florencefoodstudio.com website and consequently any on-line reservation for a course or service implies that the participant has read and accepted these Terms&Conditions.

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